Love photography but not all the gear?

Times Square in New York CitySimpler Photo is about learning to create photos you love by knowing when and how to use the right gear – and less of it.

Making beautiful images doesn’t have to be complicated. And it doesn’t require that you have a lot of equipment, either.

If you’re ready to:

  1. Create photos you love
  2. Learn to use less photo gear
  3. Take it one step at a time

Then let’s get started!

What’s Simpler Photo about?

Photography can get complicated fast, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I hope to make it simpler for you by introducing small, actionable tips to help you not only learn new techniques but actually implement them.

I’m a big fan of the principle Less is Better. My goal is to help you make better decisions on the gear you actually need, versus what you think you need.

To learn more about the site (and me), head over to the About page.

Photography Tips

I aim to cover one topic at a time because by breaking topics down into smaller pieces, I hope it becomes more digestible. More importantly, the smaller the tip the more likely I think it is that you can absorb the content and actually take action, versus reading the tips and forgetting most of what you read later. (Ever bookmark a page with a list of things you hope to do, but never actually get around to…?)

My Photo Philosophy

I’d say I’m definitely an anomaly when it comes to my Photo Philosophy. Most of the photographers I know have tons of gear, but somehow it’s never enough.

Over the years I’ve gone in the opposite direction and learned that it’s not so much the gear as what you do with it.

Wanna know more? Dig into my Photo Philosophy here.

How the Site is Organized

To make things easier, I divided up the different components of photography into 3 main sections:

Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine (Photo: Kim Olson)

  • Photo Taking – The creative and technical processes involved in visualizing and making images
  • Photo Editing – Everything from editing, organizing and sharing images
  • Photo Gear – Selecting and utilizing the photography equipment you need

Most of the articles you’ll find will fall into one of these 3 primary categories.

When there’s a particular product I use a lot and can personally recommend, I’ll occasionally write up a Review for you to check out. And I also keep an ongoing list of Recommended Resources for the other tools, books, gear, etc. that I use regularly and that you may find useful.

Have a Question? Need Help?

If there’s something that you’d like me to write about or if you a have a question about particular topic, I’d love to hear from you. Skip on over to my Contact page and send me a note.

Thanks for stopping by and happy photo making!