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Sunset in Maui, Hawaii (Photo: Kim Olson)

Not sure what Camera Gear to buy? Rent it, instead

Photography can get really expensive, fast. There are always better lenses and newer bodies and it’s tempting to want to get them all. But of course that’s not an option for most of us. But there is a viable alternative. And that’s… Renting. I love that there are more and more options when it comes […]

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Runner in New York City (Photo: Kim Olson)

How to Be a Tripod

Shooting without a tripod comes with its own hassles and challenges. It’s not for everyone, but for those of us who like to travel light, we need to find other ways to stabilize our camera and lenses. Last week we talked about breath control. Today I’d like to talk about what Mike pointed out in […]

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Union Square at Night in New York City by Kim Olson

No Tripod? Learn Breath Control to Help Get the Shot

Alright, I’m gonna just come right out and say it. I hate tripods. I don’t like carrying them, using them and having anything to do with them, really. I know most photographers disagree and that’s totally fine. But I just can’t bring myself to use or like them. They’re heavy, bulky, time consuming and get […]

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Dog's nose and eyes in focus (Photos: Kim Olson)

Focused Practice

Whenever we go about learning to do something new –whether it’s a sport like surfing, a game like chess or a hobby like photography – we have the challenge of starting from zero. Our bodies and minds aren’t yet trained to react with confidence and everything seems awkward and so far from second nature that […]

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Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine (Photo: Kim Olson)

What type of Camera Lens Filters do you really need?

One (of many) debates in the photography world is whether or not you should use filters for your lenses. I kinda fall in the middle. I do use them and think they can be helpful, but I also don’t find them absolutely essential. Filters I Use When I was initially buying my gear, I wasn’t […]

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Hiking in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

Hiking with Your Camera: Tips to Help You Get Great Photos

One of my most favoritest things to do is go hiking. There’s almost nothing better than being outside, breathing in the crisp air surrounded by beautiful scenery, and possibly spotting wildlife, if you’re lucky. I always like to bring my camera with me just in case there’s something amazing I want to capture on the […]

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Moe the Dog, a big black labrador mix (Photo: Kim Olson)

How to Look Like a Better Photographer, Instantly

We’ve probably all had to endure it at one time or another, and if not, know someone who has. We sit there patiently and try to listen politely. Our attention is fixed on our host at first, but it doesn’t take long before the minutes turn to hours and the hours to turn, well, not […]

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Hiking Trail near Berthoud, Colorado (Photo: Kim Olson)

The (not so) Secret to Better Photography

How do you become a better photographer? Do you need better gear? More expensive gear? Do you need to take classes or go to school? Do you need to read all the photography books you can get your hands on? The answer is… No. Well, technically not no. More like kinda. While all of the […]

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Japanese Macaque (Snow Monkey) in Japan (Photo: Kim Olson)

How Much Image Post-Processing Should You Do?

In some ways, shooting digitally has made editing our photos much simpler. No longer do we have to deal with messy chemicals in the darkroom. We only have to sit down at a computer and have at it. Massive programs like Photoshop have so many advanced tools that you can spend lots of time on […]

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Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine (Photo: Kim Olson)

Ditch the Zoom Lens and Use Your Feet

Zoom lenses have made us a little lazy. Well, let me rephrase that. Zoom lenses have given us the option of being lazy. But you don’t have to take it from me. Take it from Ernst Haas. He’s kind of a big deal. The best zoom lens is your legs.” -Ernst Haas   Zoom, Zoom […]

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